Ethical Futures

Brands are now expected to demonstrate higher levels of transparency in all aspects of their business, from their working conditions to their carbon footprint. The Label Insight Transparency ROI Study found that 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers full transparency.


Consumers are looking for honesty to be up front and on display rather than hidden away on a corporate responsibility website. For The Future Laboratory's Retail Futures Forum 2017 we presented OPEN, an exhibit presenting brands’ transparency as visual organisms.


Created in collaboration with visual artist Pamm Hong the open-source platform aggregates publicly available data around how conscious a brand is, ranging from a brand’s environmental impact to their trading integrity. Individual organisms are generated to represent different businesses, with distinctive colours, textures and movements symbolising their respective ethical credentials.


The platform empowers users to make informed decisions about the businesses they choose to engage with based on these living organisms, which can fluctuate day by day.

- Photography by Dan Weill