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Educated Eating

The creative team at The Future Laboratory presents a transparent dining concept titled RATIO. The installation, presented at the Food and Drink Forum in 2017, imagines how businesses will be able to help consumers navigate the complexities of sustainability in an interactive eating experience.


Alongside presentations and panel discussions at the Food and Drink forum the dining concept offered dishes with high and low carbon footprints.


Partnering with chefs Blanch and Shock we created a food and drink menu with dishes each scored against four metrics, reflecting the overall socio-environmental impact of each dish.


Each of the guests were invited to choose freely from the menu, but were given a total allowance of impact points. The idea behind this was to enable  a more honest, open and truthful approach to sustainability and allowing consumers to feel empowered in making their own dining decisions.

See the full content from our Food and Drink forum by visiting here.

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