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The Trend Forecaster's Handbook

Written for the professional forecaster, researcher, innovator and foresight strategist, this expanded and updated second edition of The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook was released in 2019 . 

Assigned Visual Editor for the latest edition of The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook I led the visualisation and image selection for the book. The latest edition explores the growing battery of  techniques to identify trends, capture insights, inform innovation and develop new product streams.


Previously, the focus was on identifying trends, while now it is about converting those trends and patterns into practical, profitable and market-specific solutions.

For more information visit the publisher's website here.

"Highly visual and a genuinely eye–opening insight into the way designers can spot and dictate visual and cultural trends, keeping their work constantly at the cutting edge."
- Computers Arts Project

"The book is clear and concise, offers a journey through the unexpected, and engages the reader with clear guidelines. It offers insider knowledge and soundbites from those working in the industry."
- Just4Textiles

"The Trend Forecaster's Handbook is a well published and intelligently written book for starting 'forecasters' looking for theoretical background and interesting experiences."
– The Pop–Up City

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