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Holistic Beauty

“Better health is correlated with experiencing a range of emotions, instead of just being happy. That means allowing yourself to feel all the things we have been told we ought not to” Tiffany Watt Smith, cultural historian and author of The Book of Human Emotions.

At our Retail Futures Forum, The Future Laboratory’s studio presented a new speculative personal care brand named HALT. Five everyday hygiene products were included in the HALT collection: a toothbrush, sponge, mouthwash, soap and deodorant- prosaic objects intended to accompany moments of reflection in our everyday routines.


The aim was to challenge traditional single-note product marketing campaigns by creating a brand identity that captured nuanced melancholic emotions. The campaign was translated into a pop-up sensory installation featuring sound, scent and layered visual projections to encourage people to pause, understand and contemplate a spectrum of their emotions.

To see the full film for HALT please visit here.

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