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Memory recall

At a two week creative residency at Fabrica research centre in Italy I worked alongside the design team to ideate a collection of glassware that reflects human gesture, memory, functionality and utilitarianism. 

I was inspired to research how objects could encapsulate and represent memory and came across the “Proustian phenomenon” that proposes distinctive smells have more power than any other sense to help us recall distant memories.


According to research, released by Cintas Corporation and Sense of Smell Institute, people remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is only around 50% accurate after three months. With this research in mind, I developed concepts surrounding the idea of objects showcasing precious memory recall through the power of scent.


The final exhibit ‘Short Memories’ was showcased at Please Don’t Enter in Los Angeles in 2019 with a limited edition collection of eight whimsically shaped vases representing different memory moments.

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