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According to Nielsen there have been historic highs in U.S. media consumption in March 2020 and today when browsing the BBC, New York Times, The Guardian and every other mass media platform the bad news seems to far outweigh the good.


Reporting on the truth in unprecedented times is important, otherwise thinking that COVID19 isn't a big deal could to social irresponsibility and misinformation, but it seems hard to find the coverage that features inspiring people, voices and stories who can uplift us and make us feel a little less down in today's time of uncertainty and unease.


This is why I decided to set up this pop-up positive news feed. Over the next three months you will find a curation of the best positive news stories that you can read, listen to and watch, to add some uplifting, inspiring and positive perspectives to your day.

For more info from me get in touch here.

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