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Mindful Technology

“It’s more about the feelings and emotions we want to evoke rather than about game play or puzzle solving” Peter Pashley, Head of Development at Ustwo


At our Technology Futures Forum 2016 at The Future Laboratory we invited visitors into a virtual reality game environment. Based on the release of Ustwo’s game Land’s End we gave visitors space to test the new game at our event.


The game aesthetics of a soft-hued Neolithic world were also reflected in surrounding sculptures, sound and lighting, as a modern and atmospheric gaming environment blending both the physical and virtual worlds.

The virtual reality game tasks users to solve dot and stone puzzles in order to navigate through the story exploration in serene and ancient landscapes. Evoking a calm and considered journey, Land’s End offers a glimpse into a future of technology that provides a state of relaxation, contemplation and a positive user experience.

Watch a summary film here.

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