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Sensitised Living

The notion of Sensitised Living was explored in an installation created for a Beauty Futures Forum at The Future Laboratory.


Made in collaboration with Ma_tt_er 
studio the interactive exhibition explores how everyday skin aggressors such as pollution, stress and environmental toxins are impacting the future of beauty. The event educated beauty brands on the importance of providing gentle beauty solutions for consumers that are looking for natural and non-irritant products.

The design team created a beauty mood film, capturing transformational ingredients, and a soundtrack created by Lucinda Chua that extracted data sonification from the UK’s projected air pollution levels between 2015 - 2030, creating a piece of music that explored the future of sound shaped through data.

Opinions from consumers and beauty experts were captured through recorded video interview projections, with live presentations and a panel discussion on the day discussing the changing beauty landscape. Samples of innovative beauty products from around the world were also exhibited to allow visitors to feel and test out the newest products in the beauty industry.

You can watch our Sensitised Living film here.

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